Power supply solutions for power industry
New power supply operation systems, such as power system automation and smart grid, which are in line with social development, have been widely used in many fields in the electric power industry
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The advance of society, expanding of the city, people to the rising demand for electricity, these are motivates the development of electric power industry keep up with The Times and the progress of science and technology, the power industry is emerging power system automation, such as smart grid conform to the social development of a new type of power system operation, and has become more widely used in many fields, Power system automation and the application of the smart grid, effectively reduce the demand for staff, save for the consumption of materials, and on the use of simple and highly effective, and the use of the new system of electric power operation basis for power system security and stability of the proposed higher requirements, and UPS power supply, as a security of power system automation and the product of the smart grid is safe and effective operation in power In the system. The XMI-D series of power high-frequency UPS and power frequency UPS independently developed by AVEDA provide safe, reliable and stable power supply guarantee for the power secondary system; Ensure zero power switch of equipment and system, maintain normal and safe operation of data and public services; Ensuring the security of huge data storage of electric power provides data support and decision-making basis for the development of electric power industry. To ensure the safety of terminal equipment and system operation with a small cost, reduce labor maintenance costs!

Value of Customer
  • Completely isolated AC and DC
    In line with the requirements of power supply, complete AC and DC isolation;
  • Provide pure power for the load
    Standard output isolation transformer, optional bypass isolation transformer and voltage regulator to provide pure power supply for the load;
  • Extra wide input voltage range
    Extra wide input voltage range, in the power environment is very bad substation, power plant can be normal power supply;
  • A variety of power supply network
    Support a variety of power supply network, provide high reliable power supply;
  • Multiple communication interfaces
    Support dry contacts, RS232, RS485, SNMP and other communication interfaces, convenient access to background data;
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