ECF series air conditioner

ECF series inter row air conditioning is a cooling, efficient and energy-saving precision air conditioning product in the computer room. It is installed side by side with the server cabinet, and the air is supplied from the cold channel in the front and returned by the hot channel in the rear. It solves the problem of cold and hot air mixing and short circuit in the conventional air conditioning, so as to ensure the temperature uniformity of the server cabinet, eliminate local hot spots, and the circulating air volume is in the cold and hot channels and columns The closed cycle of air conditioning room is especially suitable for the micro module system with closed cold and hot channels. Equipped with advanced controller, it can control the air volume and cooling output on demand, accurately control the temperature and humidity of the machine room, and effectively reduce the overall energy consumption on the basis of ensuring effective cooling. 




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Control System
Control System
  • Image display function, including running state and temperature and humidity of inlet and outlet air of tested cabinet; Group control of 32 units, easy networking; Standard RS485 interface, MODBUS protocol, TCP / IP, SNMP protocol are supported;
DC inverter compressor
DC inverter compressor
  • R410A environmental protection refrigerant and DC frequency conversion compressor are adopted; Dynamic refrigeration, adapt to the fast changing heat load of the machine room; It can greatly reduce the starting and stopping times of compressor and improve the system reliability;
EC fan
EC fan
  • Electronic commutation synchronous EC motor is adopted to save energy by 20% ~ 30%; Adjust the fan speed automatically according to the refrigeration demand or air pressure, and provide the air volume on demand; Fan n + 1 redundancy configuration, any fan failure, can still ensure the air flow operation;
Electronic expansion valve
Electronic expansion valve
  • It can adjust the throttle opening smoothly and cooperate with variable capacity compressor to realize energy saving; Wide regulation range, reduce superheat and improve energy efficiency ratio; The cooling capacity is matched with the load accurately; Fast response and accurate refrigeration;

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