ECR series rack air conditioner

Embedded cabinet design, doesn’t occupy the room space; air conditioning close to the heat source; cooling capacity zero loss, reduce energy consumption; DC frequency conversion compressor, dynamic refrigeration, cooling capacity stepless adjustment; high efficiency electronic expansion valve, accurate control of refrigerant flow; pull-out design, easy installation and maintenance.



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Optional emergency ventilation components
Optional emergency ventilation components
  • Original emergency ventilation design; Reduce the number of fans and other vulnerable parts; Avoid short circuit of hot and cold air flow; Emergency ventilation has large air volume and high reliability;
DC inverter compressor
DC inverter compressor
  • R410A environmental protection refrigerant is used; DC frequency conversion compressor, high efficiency and energy saving; Dynamic refrigeration, adapt to the fast changing equipment heat load; It can greatly reduce the starting and stopping times of compressor and improve the system reliability;
Intelligent control
Intelligent control
  • PID intelligent control ensures the stable operation of the system; Intelligent calculation of ambient temperature, keep dew point above 2 ℃;
Electronic expansion valve
Electronic expansion valve
  • The cooling capacity is matched with the load accurately; Fast response and accurate refrigeration; Smooth adjustment, throttle opening, and DC frequency conversion compressor to achieve energy saving;

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