HW series integrated power supply




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Easy to install and easy to use
Easy to install and easy to use
  • Small size, built-in lead-acid or iron lithium battery, integrated structure design, simple and convenient installation, saving space; Modular structure is adopted for power supply module, battery pack, power distribution unit and heat dissipation system to realize rapid assembly and maintenance and easy to use;
Security, anti-theft
Security, anti-theft
  • The door lock adopts the earth pole interlock, and can be equipped with the access control system to enhance the anti-theft ability; Perfect protection function; It has the functions of self starting by power and cold starting by DC;
Smart and reliable
Smart and reliable
  • It has the power on self-test function, which can find out the hidden trouble of ups as soon as possible and avoid the loss; The intelligent speed regulation design of the fan can prolong the service life of the fan and save energy efficiently; Strong carrying capacity, can work under load for a long time, saving user's investment; Heating blanket can be selected according to low temperature scene;
Monitoring and management functions
Monitoring and management functions
  • Standard RS232 / RS485 communication interface; Support the selection of SNMP card; At the same time, it can access FSU to facilitate remote monitoring; Dry contact communication interface, including power failure, low battery and system alarm interface;

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