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Rack-mounted power distribution cabinet
Rack-mounted power distribution cabinet
  • Rack type design, including city power, UPS, air conditioning and load distribution, manual maintenance bypass, convenient on-site maintenance; The main input electric energy is detected, including voltage, current, apparent power, actual power and other important parameters, and connected with monitoring through Modbus communication, which can well realize energy consumption statistics; High reliable power supply and distribution modules such as ATS dual power input module n + 1, 2n can be selected; The main switch devices are of famous brands with reliable quality; C-level lightning protection module is included to improve safety;
Precision power distribution cabinet
Precision power distribution cabinet
  • It adopts 19 "standard cabinet body and adopts module structure component design inside, which has good compatibility and simple and flexible configuration; All devices adopt famous brands at home and abroad, and adopt copper bar connection to ensure reliable electrical connection; 10 inch full color touch screen is equipped as standard, which can display power parameter information in real time, and has data monitoring and statistical functions such as voltage monitoring, load monitoring, harmonic monitoring, electric degree accumulation, etc; Perfect alarm function, with threshold alarm setting for main circuit and branch circuit to effectively prevent misoperation; High performance monitoring device, powerful data acquisition unit and superior system management software are used to effectively manage the distribution system, which can monitor the power parameter information of 2-way power supply incoming lines and up to 128 feeder circuits, display branch current trend diagram and flow chart, and monitor the switch opening and closing status in real time; With local sound and light alarm and remote communication through RS485 / Modbus communication protocol; It can be "customized on demand" according to customer requirements, and the deployment is fast;

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