ECM series room level air conditioner

With the development of Internet and information technology, data processing and storage capacity continue to grow. This growth also leads to the continuous increase of heat density of data center, and brings dynamic load demand in different time periods. In view of this phenomenon, EVADAhas launched a special air conditioner for the machine room, which is composed of indoor unit and outdoor unit. It integrates DC frequency conversion compressor, large area evaporator, EC fan, electronic expansion valve and variable frequency speed regulation owl type condensing fan. Usually deployed around the machine room, you can choose up and down air supply, reliable wall installation, 100% full front maintenance, providing customers with the best refrigeration system scheme in the whole life cycle.




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Flexible configuration
Flexible configuration
  • Centralized condenser can be selected, saving up to 60%; Modular assembly and phased construction; Full front maintenance, support against the wall, side-by-side installation, low requirements for unit occupation and maintenance space;
Full frequency conversion design
Full frequency conversion design
  • DC frequency conversion, dynamic refrigeration, reduce the life cycle OPEX; DC frequency conversion compressor, soft start, reduce the impact on the distribution system; Using high efficiency EC fan, the fan can save energy by 20% ~ 30%; Double electronic expansion valve, wide regulation range, reduce superheat and improve energy efficiency ratio;
Modular design, low load dehumidification
Modular design, low load dehumidification
  • Modular design, flexible disassembly, no need to cut copper tube; Large area V / a coil design, compact land saving; Electric control box pull-out design, easy to maintain; Variable coil capacity dehumidification, energy saving and high efficiency; Stable dehumidification under 10% load with excellent performance.
Control System
Control System
  • Real color large touch screen; The running state of each component is displayed visually by image; Advanced control system, can group control 32 units, easy networking; Huge storage system can store long-term historical data and read it directly by computer;

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