"DimensionX3" - Modular Data Center

"DimensionX3"ntelligent micro module is a new generation of modular data center products. It is committed to providing users with simple, reliable and efficient data center solutions, integrating EVADA for many years In the principle of ensuring the reliability and security of the infrastructure of the data center, the consistency of the design of appearance, interface, protocol, etc. is met. The modular design is adopted, and The effective integration of power supply, refrigeration, monitoring, cabinet, channel and wiring system enables rapid deployment and flexible expansion of products, which makes the infrastructure of data center more energy-saving, efficient, intelligent and flexible, and significantly improves the reliability and availability of data center.




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Safe And Reliable
Safe And Reliable
  • Data center infrastructure product standardization, efficient matching, improve system reliability; Intelligent monitoring improves the safe and reliable operation and maintenance management of data center;
Rapid Deployment
Rapid Deployment
  • Standardized parts, de engineering, overall delivery; According to the business development, it can match the demand and expand the capacity rapidly; Various product types are rich, and power supply and distribution, refrigeration, cabinet and other subsystems can be integrated and deployed according to different scenarios;
Energy Efficient
Energy Efficient
  • Efficient power supply and distribution structure, close to heat source refrigeration mode, closed channel isolation of hot and cold air flow, effectively reduce PUE value, save energy consumption by more than 20 ~ 30%, realize the effect of energy saving, emission reduction and efficient operation, and reduce operating costs;
Operation And Maintenance
Operation And Maintenance
  • The monitoring system manages the power, environment, security, fire protection and other conditions in a centralized way. Through sound and light, SMS, app and other alarm methods, it can monitor the real-time online, and provide operation and maintenance efficiency; Realize 7x24-hour integrated monitoring and intelligent management, support multi network remote management, fast fault location;

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