HQ series 1ph in/1ph out

Small and medium-sized data room, small and medium-sized intelligent control system, communication room, production workshop, infrastructure, transportation, small and medium-sized data room, medical system, small network of financial system, industrial automation control system, dispatching center, bank / bond settlement center, tax center, toll station, communication car, school, security Bureau.




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Stable And Reliable
Stable And Reliable
  • Adopting double DSP full digital control technology, the whole machine has high control precision and fast operation speed; Support hot backup, bus connection, parallel redundancy and other networking methods; Strong impact resistance improves the load carrying capacity of ups with good compatibility;
Battery Manager
Battery Manager
  • Set the best charging current according to the characteristics and capacity of the battery; Select the charger according to the actual needs to meet the charging needs of the long delay power supply system;
Rich interface and friendly interaction
Rich interface and friendly interaction
  • Using Chinese LCD display interface, display content is rich and clear; It is easy to operate, all the operation data of the system can be understood through the display screen, and LED status indication is provided, so the ups working status can be understood at any time;
Physical properties
Physical properties
  • The ventilation mode adopts natural convection, independent air duct and heat split design; Adapt to high temperature, high humidity, dust, salt, corrosive gas, vibration and other harsh working environment;
Intelligent management
Intelligent management
  • Support Modbus communication protocol and support unattended; Provide RS232/RS485/SNMP (optional) communication interface or dry contact interface;

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